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Here are 10 reasons why we like mobile school dining furniture:

  1. Space-saving Dining tables fold into half, making them simple to store and put in place. The locked position of storage closed makes them lock into their smallest shape, allowing the table to be more space-efficient food than other dining solutions. This is ideal for schools that have small spaces.

  2. Locking wheels that glide easily are easy to maneuver regardless of the size of each folding table. The process of setting up the dining room is quick and easy to do and you don't need the burden of lifting heavy objects - simply glide across the hall in a matter of minutes! The locking wheels permit you to secure them inside the cupboard for storage when they are not in use, to prevent the tables from moving or rolling and also allow the user to secure them in their place when they are used. This ensures the security of a secure and safe dining space for children.

  3. Fixed chairsNo need to be concerned about matching tables or right chairs because they come as a unit. There is no need to worry about chairs falling out or being shorter, all seats are included with the dining table. They are designed to ensure that the seats are exactly the right size and height from the table's top, to ergonomically allow children to sit comfortably while eating.

  4. The reduction in noise Eliminate scratching chair legs across hallway floors, creating an easier and enjoyable dining. Fixed seats ensure that your dining experience will be quieter and cleaner.

  5. Clean and easy to maintain A smaller chairs and tables to deal with, making the process of packing and cleaning the entire dining room an easy and quick process that saves time and personnel. Clean surfaces are easy to wash and fold away to store. The folding seating units feature an easy to clean table top as well as seats that will cut down on cleaning and packing time following the school dinner break. They have a floor cleaning position', which allows users to reach the floor's mess without having to move the entire table which is perfect to keep the floor tidy throughout the time of dining.

  6. Color selection It is available in a range of colors for the table and seats that will allow you to create an elegant and vibrant dining experience.

  7. Shape is available in round, rectangularor an octagonalshape making sure there's a shape that will fit in every school dining hall.

  8. Table Height There are two table heights to choose from with a greater age range, which makes our dining tables that fold are suitable for secondary and primary schools.

  9. Options for seating are available as seats or single seats that can accommodate 8, 12 or 16 children comfortably at one table. Our brand new Primo Dining Table collection provides a different design of seating options, including with a curved seating choice and a stool. This gives a contemporary and modern look for educational establishments.

  10. FIRA approved All of our mobile Folding School Tables are affixed to FIRA test standards, meaning that they are sturdy enough and stable enough for a long-term contract or educational uses.

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